Greetings and welcome

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. This is the Chronosphere, A time machine capable of teleporting clients though tiny rifts in the space-time continuum- oh wait, no that’s in the attic.

This is an Authors blog, where I get to ramble on about what I’m writing and reading, and pretend people are paying attention to my babble.  Here, I’ll chronicle my journey into the world of a fiction writer and, hopefully, a published writer so that anyone with even a passing interest in my work can keep up, and other writers can learn from my mistakes and experience (when I get some.)

So, I must have a novel then, right? Right.

It’s called Treasonists (yes, that is a real word) and while it’s not the first novel I’ve written, it’s the first I’m following to the end, for better or worse.  Treasonists is a fantasy/adventure story that follows the journey of Prince Sephiran as he attempts to take back the throne usurped by his tyrannical sister… Or is it the story of young farmhand’s quest to prevent further war and suffering, and prove there is inherent good in everyone, no matter how bad they seem?  Or is it about an assassin in pursuit of revenge and justice?


Treasonists is the story of a righteous princess as she seizes the throne from her ineffectual king and leads an empire from the brink of civil war and starvation into a new era of glory! Or, she would, if it weren’t for those damnable Treasonists plotting her downfall.

At the moment a rough draft of 55,000 words is sitting on my lap along with a notebook filled with points I aim to change or improve. Some are big, such as new chapters or characters, while some are small, such as name changes.  But, I’ve set a release target for around the middle of next year, and everything is looking good so far. Perhaps we should use the real Chronosphere to travel ahead in time and see what happens?

That’s enough from me for now – I hope you’ll come back to follow my journey into the writing and publishing world, and maybe stick around to follow Prince Sephiran’s journey to retake his throne.


One comment on “Greetings and welcome

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    Good luck on the journey! – from another new blogger making a similar record of her travels in writing.

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